Examiner 3.3 version released!

Examiner 3.3 version released!

3D-Radar has recently released version 3.3 of the Examiner GPR data processing software.

Examiner 3.3 highlights:

  • Video Synchronization
  • Navigation Editing Suite
  • Optimized 3D GPR Data Processing
  • Folder Monitoring with ‘Process as you collect’ feature.

This update is available for all Examiner 3 users with a valid support contract. Important: Please do not install this update if your support contract has expired.

Please feel free to contact the 3D-Radar support team (support@3d-radar.com) for technical questions or the 3D-Radar sales team (sales@3d-radar.com) to extend your support agreement.

You may also contact the 3D-Radar sales team if you are currently using Examiner 2 and wish to upgrade to Examiner 3.

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