Introducing Examiner 3

Examiner software revolutionizes the processing and analysis of three-dimensional Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data.  An intuitive and user-friendly environment for visualization, analysis, interpretation and creation of exports, it is specifically designed for working with large 3D GPR projects and dramatically reduces the time required for extracting information from the data.

What we think about Examiner 3

Examiner 3 Benefits

Amazing Speed

Fastest 3D GPR processing tool on the market

Visualization Tools

3-dimensional interface tracing and annotation functionality


Import and process data automatically as they are being collected

Examiner 3 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to provide the fastest, most stable 3D GPR data processing available.

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Product Features

Processing & visualization

Examiner seamlessly handles and displays large projects with multiple 3D GPR data files. A three-slice view allows to easily navigate within the data volumes for detailed analysis. Users are offered a full resolution presentation to pan, zoom and deep dive the data with real-time rendering. The data is displayed and traversed for an initial review and quick identification of subsurface areas that require further investigation. Analysis and interpretation can be performed in parallel on multiple three-slice views and in the georeferenced view with full synchronization, so that features can be identified and traced throughout the entire set of data. Data processing in Examiner cannot be easier, thanks to a dedicated preview window and to the possibility to create, save and share processing templates.

Annotations and 3D interface tracing

Examiner showcasesa powerful and user-friendly tool for drawing point and multi-segment annotations. The user can work seamlessly in the georeferenced overview and in the three-slice views to create and modify annotations across different data cubes. Interface tracing in Examiner is performed through advanced automatic and semi-automatic tools operating in three dimensions. With a single click, it is possible to follow and trace an interface for kilometers and across the entire scan width. A traced interface can be displayed as a color coded overlay to the data so to represent, for example, the depth of a layer or the amplitude of the reflected signal.

Map Overlays

Examiner features a map view showing georeferenced depth slices. The near-reality display makes it easier to interpret features across the data. Data georeferencing is based on advanced filtering of the GPS information to ensure the best possible accuracy. Examiner provides global map and satellite imagery through the integrated map service from Bing Maps, and it is also possible to receive imagery by connecting to a Tile Map Service (TMS) or Web Map Tile Service (WMTS). Examiner can import georeferenced images from aerial photography, satellite imagery, maps, etc., in any projection, placing the GPR data quickly and accurately in the surrounding environment.

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