It has never been easier to create 3d-radar images of the subsurface!

The GeoScope TM 3d GPR system has been used for a wide range of applications and gives you high quality three-dimensional radar images from the subsurface. New GPR technology providing high quality and efficiency brings new and added value to the customer. Advanced 3d image rendering techniques and visualization software enable a large range of applications of 3d GPR data.

What about?

Spending less time at each site for field work!
Creating 3d images of the subsurface
Flexibility in analysis of the data?
Improving the resolution?

With the multi-channel antenna array from 3d-Radar you could do all this!

Practical benefits

  • Easy to survey large areas
  • System can be operated by one person
  • Avoid expensive excavations on wrong spot
  • One antenna array covers several frequency bands
  • Different antenna width, 1.2 meter to 2.4 meter

A more competitive business

  • More efficient projects – save time and money
  • Supply your clients with better subsurface data
  • Great value in better decisions

Click on any of the application areas to learn more:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses electromagnetic waves to map structures and objects below the ground surface. The radar waves from the antenna are reflected by interface layers inside the soil or by buried metal objects. In general GPR works well in sand/gravel and dry soil conditions with low soil conductivity but can not penetrate high conductivity materials such as clay and salt water.

  • 3d-Radar GPR

    3d-Radar uses antenna arrays for efficient data acquisition over large surfaces. This enables the user to create 3-dimensional images of the subsurface objects.

  • 3d-Radar Technology

    3d-Radar has pioneered the next generation GPR systems by introducing step-frequency technology in combination with unique antenna arrays.