GeoScope MkIV

High Speed 3D GPR Achieves both High Resolution and Deep Penetration





The 3d-Radar GeoScope Mk IV Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) raises the standard for high speed, high-density three-dimensional sub-surface imaging. The Mk IV is the fourth generation 3d-Radar GeoScope and further exploits the application of step-frequency technology to Ground Penetrating Radar. The Geoscope Mk IV enables high-density high speed 3D data capture with unique combination of deep subsurface penetration coupled to high resolution.


  • Optimum resolution at all depths: Step-frequency technology enables the users to achieve the best possible resolution at each investigation depth. Penetration and the highest resolution are simultaneously achieved with only ONE single antenna array. No need to employ different frequency antennas to adapt to different depths.
  • Unprecedented area survey speed (work rate): Very high scan rates and an efficient sampling method enables the GeoScope Mk IV to provide full resolution 3D imagery with a 2.4 m antenna array at highway speeds.
  • High resolution full 3D sub surface imagery: 7.5 cm channel spacing in the antenna array combined with 3GHz bandwidth ensures high-density sampling as required by utility mapping, military applications and archaeology prospecting.
  • Wide range of antenna arrays with uniform response across the elements: The Mk IV is compatible with all VX and DX-series antenna arrays ranging up to 330 cm in width.

Technical Specifications (pdf):

  • Access the GeoScope TM Mk IV specification sheet from our download area.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses electromagnetic waves to map structures and objects below the ground surface. The radar waves from the antenna are reflected by interface layers inside the soil or by buried metal objects. In general GPR works well in sand/gravel and dry soil conditions with low soil conductivity but can not penetrate high conductivity materials such as clay and salt water.

  • 3d-Radar GPR

    3d-Radar uses antenna arrays for efficient data acquisition over large surfaces. This enables the user to create 3-dimensional images of the subsurface objects.

  • 3d-Radar Technology

    3d-Radar has pioneered the next generation GPR systems by introducing step-frequency technology in combination with unique antenna arrays.