3dr Examiner

3dr Examiner is a revolutionary software application that enables users to easily process, analyze and inspect data from 3d-Radar ground penetrating radar systems. 3dr Examiner is optimized to handle vast amounts of high resolution data on normal PCs, and sets a completely new standard for speed and ease of use.

3dr-Examiner has been successfully deployed in diverse applications such as road and bridge deck inspection, railway applications, utility mapping, military uses, mining and archaeology.

High resolution radar surveys result in large amounts of data, which can make them difficult to process, navigate and analyze. 3dr Radar has met this challenge by developing 3dr Examiner. This unique package uses the very latest in software techniques and tools to fully utilize the speed of modern PCs. 3dr Examiner is able to process radar data orders of magnitude faster than it can be collected.

Both Overview and Explore modes displayed with map satellite imagery and layers traced.

Once processed, 3dr Examiner offers a unique live geo-referenced view of the data, overlaid on maps or aerial photos. This view provides a bird’s eye view of all the complete data set, and allows the user to pan, zoom and dive in real time. The same view offers edit functions, annotation of features, manual correction of position errors, etc. All updates happen automatically: Change depth, change the GPS data, or change the color map, and the geo-referenced data updates on screen instantly. The state of the art GPS filtering ensures good position accuracy, but tracks can be edited manually as well.

Once a point of interest has been identified, you can drill down to it by double clicking on the position to center on it in the more traditional Region Explorer view, which provides three volume slices.  You can also annotate points of interest and export to AutoCad (DXF) or Google Earth. Other export options include imagery, geo-referenced images in virtually any map projection, video, numerical data, radar data export, etc.

Examiner Dataflow












  • Supports multiple swaths / multiple profiles datasets with geo-referenced data
  • Swaths easily stitched together, either automatically with geo-references or by the user as necessary
  • Optimized multicore usage dramatically slashes processing time
  • Designed to handle huge data sets
  • Wide selection of processing options for filtering, background removal and 3-d migration
  • Intuitive GUI optimized to navigate quickly in large geo referenced data sets
  • Improved positioning accuracy with correlation-based correction of errors and outliers
  • Easy to use annotation function
  • Semi-automatic tracing of interfaces in 3 dimensions
  • Support for import and export of maps and geo-referenced images
  • Export of video, CAD(.dxf) and Google Earth(.kmz) data

More Information:

Download the Specification Sheet from our  download area.

A demo video and several 3dr-Examiner tutorials are also available in the download area.