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3dr Examiner 2.40 demo

We have created a demo of 3dr Examiner version 2.40 that shows off some of the unique power and ease of use of this software package: Click at the bottom right of the video to enable full screen mode.

New Release 3dr Examiner version 2.40

Some examples of New features: Semi-automatic interface/layer tracing One can now right click on a region in Project Explorer to add a new interface object.  Selecting this will enable a set of new tools in the Region Explorer view to trace and edit interfaces.  Click on the interface tracing tool, then click on an interface […]

Groundbreaking News, 3d-Radar introducing the 4th Generation of GeoScope

3d-Radar announces its next generation high-speed, multi-channel 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The new GeoScope™ Mk IV GPR, from 3d-Radar, is the fourth generation step-frequency ultra-wideband GPR. It raises the standard for high-speed, high-precision sub-surface imaging. The new GPR features a second receive channel that delivers >2x data capture speeds with no loss of data […]