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For Immediate release 2009-09-30: 3dr Examiner

3d-Radar announces the release of 3dr Examiner.  Completely menu driven within a Windows application, 3dr Examiner is a revolutionary software application that enables users to easily process, analyze and inspect data from 3d-Radar Ground Penetrating Radar systems.    Examples of Features: Wide selection of processing options for filtering, background removal and 3-d migration compensation 3-dimensional […]

2nd Annual Defeating IEDs Training and Workshop

Meet 3d-Radar and see the latest product in Ground Penetrating Radar from 3d-Radar for IED identification techniques. 3d-Radar to participate at “2nd Annual Defeating IEDs Training and Workshop ” that will be held in Brussels, Belgium at the JW Marriott®, between 24 and 27 August 2009. Read more: