3D-RADAR is proud to introduce Examiner 3!

3D-RADAR is proud to introduce Examiner 3!

Examiner(TM) software revolutionizes the processing and analysis of three-dimensional Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data.  An intuitive and user-friendly environment for visualization, analysis, interpretation and creation of exports, it is specifically designed for working with large 3D GPR projects and dramatically reduces the time required for extracting information from the data.

  • Fastest 3D GPR processing tool on the market
  • No limitations on project and data set size
  • Broad range of export formats
  • Synchronize GPR data with field recorded video
  • 3-dimensional interface tracing and annotation functionality
  • Import and process data automatically as they are being collected
  • Fully documented Software Development Kit for customizing tools and visualization

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Examiner 3

Examiner 3 Screenshot


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