3D-Radar attended RoadScanners 20th anniversary seminar

3D-Radar attended RoadScanners 20th anniversary seminar

3D-Radar was invited to participate to the RoadScanners 20th birthday celebration on March 22-23 2018.

The event gathered company’s customers, partners, researchers, road/railway government officials and industry leaders in NDT techniques such as Ground Penetrating Radar (3D GPR) for technical seminars covering best practice methods in road/railway design, testing and monitoring, maintenance and rehabilitation.

Newly appointed 3D-Radar CEO Jacopo Sala received accolades from the world recognized expert and RoadScanners CEO Timo Saarenketo for his expertise in geophysics and his deep understanding of step frequency and multi-channel 3D RADAR technology applied to civil engineering.

The event was organized in the arctic city of Rovaniemi, RoadScanners hometown in the Lapland region of northern Finland.

Mr Jacopo Sala graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milano (PoliMi) in 2007 (M.Sc. Telecom Engineering).

During the 13th GPR conference (2010, Lecce, Italy), Mr Sala presented a new approach to Step Frequency GPR data processing using an Inverse Selective Discrete Fourier Transform (ISDFT) algorithm.

Mr Sala is also a reviewer for articles published in scientific magazines and papers presented during international scientific conferences.

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